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Art Direction and Production
- Photo shooting for music label VOXNOX

Anker 1
Anker 1

VOXNOX is a music label from Berlin that released their first clothes. For these reasons, I created and produced the concept for them. The most important was to show that "VOXNOX is family". And create a concept as diverse as Berlin itself.

Art Direction 
- Photo shooting for interior brand HIBANA

HIBANA -  A modern interior online shop which combines innovative designs from east and west in a unique way.

The art direction and styling was made by me with the agency "achso!".

Art Direction 
- Editorial photo shooting "ALICE"

Alice -  The collection playful but provocative approaches and develops its own boundaries whilst still obeying fundamental design trough form, shape & clear lines. It blurs form, shape & makes fantasy seem clear, all the will enticing you to join a trip through the transcendental rabbit hole of our time.

The art direction and design was made for the editorial and published at at Volition magazine and VGXW magazine.

Art Direction & Production
- Photo and video shooting for the music label Halbwelt

I was assigned to create and oversee the concept, styling, and direction for the social media advertisement visuals of HALBWELT - a music label and event series. The event comprises four distinct music genres, each represented by unique characters and models: Trance, Techno, Electro, and Break Beat. On the day of the shoot, I ensured everything ran smoothly and captured the desired vision.

Art Direction
- Photo and video shooting for Raphael Dincsoy and his album "0711"