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Visual concept & Styling for Bellboy Berlin
- Creative photo shooting

Bellboy -  One of the most exclusive Cocktail Bar in Berlin. Where are cocktails and food are an experience from a dream.

My Job was creating the visual concept with the team of the creative agency "achso!".

Visual concept & Styling for Night Kitchen - Creative photo shooting

Born out of the Tel Aviv restaurant scene, night kitchen beliefs that eating out should be more than just dining. It should be an experience.

For this exciting and beloved dining I created with the team of achso! agency a visual concept.

Styling & Set Design for Obela Hummus
- Social Media Photo shooting 

Obela -  One of the worlds biggest hummus brand. From classic hummus to exotic variations, Obela always brings taste to another level. My job was the set design and food styling of their social media photo shoots and in addition for their TV campaign with the team of achso! agency.

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