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Styling and creative concept for the fashion show at Dark Matter 2022

I had an absolute blast crafting the creative concept for the 2022 fashion show "Shapes of Us" by The Code Berlin. My ultimate aim was to collaborate with the fashion community and curate a show that celebrated the incredible variety of individuals within it. With this in mind, I was assigned the task of styling fourteen unique looks, incorporating various brands from The Code, to showcase the stunning diversity of people. It was essential to truly emphasize and radiate the beauty found in every individual.

Dress Up! Pro Sieben Styling Show
- Second place in a casting show for stylists

Dress Up! -  The first casting show for stylists in the German-speaking TV.  I participated in different challenges and had to show my knowledge about body types, fashion history, makeovers, runway shows and many more. With a happy second place, I gained a lot of experience and the opportunity to show my style and ability to be able to provide the client what he wants.

Styling for HIBANA
- Interior and lifestyle brand

HIBANA -  A modern interior and lifestyle online shop which combines innovative designs from east and west.

The art direction and styling was made by me with the agency "achso!".

Styling for video of Funky Tribu
- Music video shoot

Funk Tribu, is a Columbia-based artist which reached in short time a huge audience. For this music video, my task was to create surreal looks with a touch of 90s vibe. I mixed vintage pieces, young designers, high fashion brands and in addition pieces I specially created for the client. Like the Keyboard choker or the fringe harness, which makes the dancer look great in the video.

Styling for Kanga child safety seat 
-Video and photo shoot